A well established supplier of roof lights in the UK

When Direct Rooflights began over sixty years ago we set out on an unfaltering mission to become a trusted and respected supplier of roof lights and other products to every possible consumer out there. We were undeterred by limitations and we have spent over half a century evolving into a company that delivers an unrivalled standard of quality items to domestic and residential customers along with reputable roofers and many professionals within the construction sector.

We knew that simply having outstanding products was not enough. When a company maintains a presence in a particular industry for so long it is inevitable that they become wholly equipped with invaluable knowledge, experience and expertise. We operate a strict policy of supplying nothing less than the very best and as a result we have always manufactured every one of our products ourselves. We source matchless materials and offer our peerless products at phenomenally affordable prices. We assure our customers they will suffer no unpleasant surprises when they purchase products from us as we deliver everything to you from our incredible plant that spans 85,000 feet, straight to your door in fully assembled condition. Furthermore we are one of the most prodigious suppliers of roof lights and kerbs in the UK so our experience at delivering products in an extremely timely fashion is simply staggering. No matter where you are – nationwide – we will get to you in no time at all.

Our commitment to please every customer is unswerving and as a result we offer a Premier and Trade range of our supreme products. Both ranges feature a choice of glass units, access hatches, vented and unvented kerbs. We supply kerbs and rooflights separately but each rooflight can be fixed to the kerb with the efficient fixings and tapes we supply. The minimal maintenance of your rooflights incorporates simple regular washes with warm, soapy water and possible lubrication of components if necessary.

Our rooflights offer convenient and considerable choice as they are offered to you in a vast range of sizes and you can select from double, triple and quadruple skin. We offer non-standard sizes in order to meet every conceivable need along with a 12 month warranty and unsurpassed prices. Rooflights are a fantastically effective way of flooding your home or building with luminous and lustrous rays of light and sunshine.  With regards to the acquisition of planning permission many builders, residents and developers face frustrating obstruction when undertaking new builds and conversions. The installation of our rooflights presents a cost effective, comprehensive solution to all manner of issues.