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Natural light helps to improve health and wellbeing

The light in our homes, offices and other workplaces can have a huge effect not only on us. Of course, it goes without saying that working and living in bright, well lit buildings is more comfortable than working in gloomy rooms, but there is even evidence to show that poor light quality can increase health risks. For optimum wellbeing and happiness, we need bright light throughout the day when we are being productive, with light steadily getting dimmer as it gets later and we begin to wind down for sleep. We get Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight and a lack of this vitamin can result in poor mood, a disrupted body clock and even depression – this is thought to be the reason why many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which can be treated with light therapy.

All in all, by getting the right amounts of natural light at the right times of the day, we can feel more alert, more energised, more productive and generally healthier and happier. But how can you ensure that your home, office or workplace is receiving adequate natural light? One way to do this is to install rooflights in your building. As they are positioned on the roof, these lights are in the best possible position to allow natural light to flow into the room.

Our rooflights come in both vented and unvented styles, which means you can decide whether you want them just for lighting purposes or with additional ventilation as well. When your building has the combined benefits of great lighting and adequate ventilation, you are creating the optimum conditions for productive, happy and healthy staff or a comfortable home.

Why good ventilation is so important

Ventilation is one of the crucial factors which affect a room’s comfort level. When a room is well ventilated, it becomes a much more pleasant place to live and work, as fresh air can circulate and the temperature can be regulated to the right level. If you’re a business owner and you want your staff to have good morale and work productively, a comfortable and well ventilated room is one of the most effective things you can provide for them.

Not only is ventilation important for reasons of happiness, it can also have a big effect on health. In rooms where paint, varnish or potentially hazardous materials are in use, it is crucial that the fumes are able to disperse. If a member of the family has a condition such as asthma which can be aggravated by poor air quality, then good ventilation can help to relieve their symptoms and enable them to enjoy a better quality of life. Poor airflow can also result in a build up of moisture and mould inside your building, which can lead to numerous health hazards in the long term.

As you can tell, ventilation really is an important factor to think about for all home and business owners. But how can you implement it? New air conditioning systems and new windows can be expensive as well as causing disruption in the home or workplace during the installation process, so roof lights and access hatches make a good alternative. Installed on the roof, these types of hatches give you an easy and effective way to let air flow through the room naturally. Not only this, but they also allow natural light to enter the room, which is a proven mood-booster in homes and workplaces. We can provide you with durable and easy-to-install access hatches which provide you with the opportunity for a lighter, airier and more pleasant home or work premises.

We can answer all roof lighting questions regarding planning permission

One of the most frequently asked questions in respect of installing roof lights is undoubtedly if planning permission is required to have them feature as part of your home. Whereas the law is quite reasonable and supportive in allowing minor modifications and renovations to be undertaken without prior planning permission being sought, one does have to be careful when it comes to installing rooflighting. As long as the rooflights do not protrude outwards from the roof by a height in excess of 150mm, home owners do not need to obtain planning permission to have them put installed. Continue reading

Roof lights will make your property stand out from the rest

Whether you are involved in a new build or are renovating an existing property, the addition of roof lights makes for an attractive, appealing and striking features to any home or building. At Direct Rooflights we offer a complete and comprehensive service of the supply of roof lights directly to the building industry and the public. Our all-in-one service, which sees us design, manufacture and deliver bespoke, make to order roof lights, gives you the assurance that the personal touch of our commitment to excellence is present in all of our professional products. Continue reading

Roof lights can appeal to all those that appreciate beauty

An increasingly sought after feature of 21st Century homes and lifestyles are the benefits and aesthetically appealing appearance of roof lights and skylights. With experience in the design, construction and supply of roof lights stretching back over many years, at Direct Rooflights we are the established choice for providing these magnificent additions to roofs to both the trade and to members of the public directly. Continue reading

Roof lights can be a key feature of any home

Roof lights have come to be regarded as one of the most desirable and beneficial features in homes across the UK. Whereas once they were considered to be expensive luxuries, reserved only for the properties of the exceptionally wealthy, technology and innovation has made it possible for roof lights to be available to all home owners, no matter how tightly controlled or restrained the budget they operate on is. Continue reading

High quality access hatches for all purposes

Direct Rooflights have been providing their quality services to both the construction industry and directly to members of the public for over 60 years. We have built our name and reputation as the leading choice over this time by providing only the finest quality access hatches, rooflights, kerbs and vented units available on the market. That we offer these high quality, sought after products at trade prices has seen us become the leading choice for all your requirements. Continue reading

Roof lights made with style and quality in mind

For a range of good reasons UK home-owners are increasingly looking at having roof lights fitted to their homes. Whereas once this was considered something of a designer luxury, technology improvements has allowed a company like us at Direct Rooflights to be able to offer the most outstanding quality of roof lighting at the lowest trade prices possible. Continue reading

Roof lights that come in a range of sizes

Growing numbers of people are looking at the benefits of roof lighting when they refurbish, renovate or re-imagine their homes. Other than the aesthetic qualities they bring to the appearance of any home, roof lights bring many qualities and features that home owners appreciate having. Direct Rooflights are leaders in the field of supplying the finest quality roof lights to suit any specific requirement. Continue reading