Roof lights can appeal to all those that appreciate beauty

An increasingly sought after feature of 21st Century homes and lifestyles are the benefits and aesthetically appealing appearance of roof lights and skylights. With experience in the design, construction and supply of roof lights stretching back over many years, at Direct Rooflights we are the established choice for providing these magnificent additions to roofs to both the trade and to members of the public directly.

Across the United Kingdom we are perhaps prone to thinking the worst of our great land, assuming that the often inclement weather makes having skylights or roof lights installed an extravagant expense rather than being a practical investment. This, as the many who have had our premium range of skylights delivered and install will confirm, is not the case. Even on those overcast and frequently grey days we get, the natural light filtering through from the skies via a roof light allows for enough brightness in a room to allow one to avoid using artificial light. Research and specialists all tend to agree with conclusion that people lead and experience better lives when they have less reliance on artificial light throughout the day.

Whilst acknowledging the benefits one can reap from having roof lighting installed, many have concerns that they are high maintenance features, with installing them causing weaknesses and structural damage to the roof. These concerns are understandable, but are addressed by the measures and precautions in place. At Direct Rooflights all of our skylights have been tested and passed by the highly regarded British Research Establishment as being fit for purpose. They meet all safety and strength requirements of the stringent building regulations in place, in particular with respect to recent legislation that encourages more energy efficient properties to be built. Our roof lights will blend perfectly in with the structural integrity of your existing roof, so long as they are installed by reputable and professional tradesmen and builders.

The premium quality of our skylights, roof lights and access hatches is always assured as we control the design and manufacture of our entire ranges. From the moment that plans are measured up and drawn right through to their delivery, Direct Rooflights are involved with ensuring the highest qualities of manufacture and safety of use are always preserved and ensured. Our commitment to our valued clients is to ensure that they do not get anything short of the best, professionally constructed roof lights it is possible to provide.

For standard or custom, specialist built sizes and styles of skylights and roof lights, Direct Rooflights are the leading choice of service providers across the UK.