Roof lights can be a key feature of any home

Roof lights have come to be regarded as one of the most desirable and beneficial features in homes across the UK. Whereas once they were considered to be expensive luxuries, reserved only for the properties of the exceptionally wealthy, technology and innovation has made it possible for roof lights to be available to all home owners, no matter how tightly controlled or restrained the budget they operate on is.

Direct Rooflights have become the leading name in embracing the new technology and innovations in roof lighting to allow for the affordable, most cost effective supply of roof lights to both the trade and the general public. With sixty years of successful service in the industry, we have perfected our design and manufacturing processes to a level that sees us able to present our professional products for the lowest prices possible. Our being in control of the manufacture and supply of our range makes it possible for us to keep the costs to the lowest, most reduced levels for the benefit of our highly valued clients.

That we are in this position means that we are also able to easily accommodate any and all size requests and requirements for skylights and roof lights. Although we carry a wide range of standard sizes, we know and appreciate that houses and circumstances differ, with either adapted or purpose built roof lights being the only solution. Our designers and manufacturers are ready, willing and able to meet the specialist requirements you and your roof have. In doing so we will of course strive to deliver at the lowest, most competitive pricing possible whilst ensuring the highest quality, world class product is delivered.

The high quality of our products ensures your safety and security when having them installed. We provide, in accordance with your requirements and location, our roof lights with a coating of single, double or triple UV protective polycarbonate. This ensures that as much of the harmful effects of sunlight are filtered out and curtailed, leaving you to appreciate the beneficial effects of having roof lights installed. Our roof lights also meet the requirements needed to contribute and enhance the thermodynamic effect, meaning that they will contribute to making your house energy efficient.

We at Direct Rooflights take professional pride in supplying fully constructed, ready to be installed roof lights directly to the door or delivery address of our valued clients. We are driven by the will to give as much of a world class level of customer service as well as providing the very finest of quality in roof lights and sky lights.