Roof lights will make your property stand out from the rest

Whether you are involved in a new build or are renovating an existing property, the addition of roof lights makes for an attractive, appealing and striking features to any home or building. At Direct Rooflights we offer a complete and comprehensive service of the supply of roof lights directly to the building industry and the public. Our all-in-one service, which sees us design, manufacture and deliver bespoke, make to order roof lights, gives you the assurance that the personal touch of our commitment to excellence is present in all of our professional products.

That we manufacture the roof lights ourselves gives us a unique level of flexibility and freedom to meet any and all specialist requests. Whereas the majority of roofs across the UK could accommodate our rectangular and square standard roof light range, we have the adaptability to create or modify designs to meet either personal preferences or to accommodate unusual, non-standard roofing requirements.

The versatility and options in our Trade range of roof lights has established them as the most sought after by those who wish to bring the beneficial effects of roof lighting to their homes and businesses. For these roof lights we usually use polycarbonate due to its strength and resilience in withstanding impact, and can offer the roof lights with anything from one to four polycarbonate skins in place. Our polycarbonate roof lights are also available in either a domed or pyramid finish, presenting you with the freedom to select the style that you find most appropriate. As we control the manufacturing process, if your requirement or preference is for a flat styled roof light with glass in place of polycarbonate we are able to meet this request to the same high standards of production and service.

The technique of production we use – which has been tested and endorsed by the British Research Establishment – does not see the beneficial effects of having roof lights in place detracted from by either the use of polycarbonate or the number of skins or layers it has in place. Whether you preference is for a clear, diffused, opal or bronze tint, effective light transmission is still maintained. In this day and age where we are aware of – and greatly concerned about – the harmful side effects of being exposed to the sun, you can be further assured that significant UV protection exists at the heart of our products.

Direct Rooflights are committed to delivering roof lights and related products of the highest quality available for the most competitive price possible. By combining the traditions of British craftsmanship with the latest in design and manufacture technology, our roof lights are of the highest possible professional, world class quality, crafted to perfection via the presence of our personal touch.