We can answer all roof lighting questions regarding planning permission

One of the most frequently asked questions in respect of installing roof lights is undoubtedly if planning permission is required to have them feature as part of your home. Whereas the law is quite reasonable and supportive in allowing minor modifications and renovations to be undertaken without prior planning permission being sought, one does have to be careful when it comes to installing rooflighting. As long as the rooflights do not protrude outwards from the roof by a height in excess of 150mm, home owners do not need to obtain planning permission to have them put installed.

In order to allow home owners to benefit from this situation, and also to provide this service to people who do not believe they would with ease attain planning permission, at Direct Rooflights we provide an extensive and dynamic range of roof lights and kerb sets which would and would not require prior planning permission to be in place before they could be fitted and installed. As it is not always possible to know in advance if planning permission would or would not be required, we always welcome enquiries about this subject to be forwarded to us. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we have built up a considerable level of wealth and knowledge of requirements across the country. In the overwhelming majority of cases and examples brought to us, we will be able to direct and guide you on what planning permission requirements exist, as well as in respect of which styles and ranges of roof lights would not require planning permission to be applied for.

Even in cases where planning permission is required, the benefits brought by roof lights are of a nature that obtaining this permission is usually regarded as something of a formality. Rooflights are being increasingly sought after in properties due to the increased levels of natural light they allow to be present in a home, as well as the natural source of heating they allow to penetrate and permeate into a house. These factors considerably improve the energy efficiency levels of a home, serving to bring about a dramatic and significant reduction in gas and electricity costs.

Direct Rooflights are the suppliers of the highest quality roof lights available in the UK for the lowest, most competitive cost pricing possible to find. Our skills and expertise in the field of roof lights has been built up over many years of dedicated services, with our expert knowledge and ability ensuring we manufacture and distribute only the best of quality to both the trade and the public directly.